Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch groups are one of the greatest tools in the fight against crime we as police officers and communities have. At one time in Waxahachie we had better than ten active neighborhood watch groups, which is not the case now. In the past year one neighborhood has formed and another two are looking to form.

Qualifications to be an active Neighborhood Watch Group:

  • A Neighborhood Watch group must have a minimum of two training meetings a year.
  • 50% of the residences must participate in order to qualify for Neighborhood Watch signs.
  • If 50% participation is not met, the group will be issued Neighborhood Watch stickers in-lieu of Neighborhood Watch signs until membership reaches 50%.
  • The Block Location Sheet must be entirely filled out before Neighborhood Watch signs will be issued.
  • The Neighborhood Watch group must have (1) yearly recertification meeting to maintain its standing as an active Neighborhood Watch group, and retain its Neighborhood Watch signs.

We are now using NEXTDOOR to help communicate within the neighborhoods.  There are over 18 neigborhoods in Waxahachie already mapped out on the site.  if you would like read more or join, click here

Please contact the Waxahachie Police Department Crime Prevention Officer to get more information on how to form a Neighborhood Watch.

Dustin Jordan 
Community Service/Crime Prevention Officer
469-309-4420 fax

Use the link below to get more information on Neighborhood Watch.

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